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Coolist Technology
Softec Technology
Eco Technology
We live in a fast-paced world - going from one meeting to another, sitting at a computer, or doing extraordinary things: Coolist provides exceptional technology that re-thinks the way we sleep. We improve your well-being one nap at a time!
About Coolist Pillows
Heat dissipating to maintain constant sleeping temperature
Softec Pillow Technology
Different levels of comfort and support to suit all types of sleepers
Eco Pillow Technology
Eco-friendly, bio-based material, and biodegradable. Toxic & allergy free. BioMate and BioLux pillows featuring certified organic-eco material

Coolist Sleep Technology is a pioneer and leader in the realm of comfort and the inventor of the bio-based & hydrophilic foam for pillows, mattresses, and other products. Coolist has its own in-house Research & Development team, manufacturing, and markets in different locations around the world. We are a total-solution provider for Polyurethanes, especially for flexible foam applications. We supply CoolMate memory foam, BioMate bio-base hydrophilic memory foam, Biolux foam and SuperSoft foam – all of which are our patented technologies. With our unique innovations combined with intricately crafted designs, we offer our customers superior sleep quality that will ultimately enhance their active lifestyle.




BioLite Classic

BioLite BioLite BioLite

BioLite Cloud

BioLite BioLite BioLite

BioLite Dream

BioLite BioLite BioLite

Rapid comforming support.
Maintains optimum temperature for comfortable sleep.

BioMate Classic

BioLite BioLite BioLite

BioMate Cloud

BioLite BioLite BioLite

BioMate Dream

BioMate BioMate BioMate

Minimum surface pressure.
Rapidly dissipate excess heat for cooler sleep.
Sleep better with Bio-based material pillows.

BioLux Classic

BioLite BioLite BioLite

BioLux Cloud

BioLite BioLite BioLite

BioLux Dream

BioLux BioLux BioLux

Weightless, pressure relieving comfort.
Instantly cool to optimum sleeping tempreture.
Sleep better with Bio-based material pillows.

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